Organize your Course Page

Renaming topic sections, moving things around, and more

Rename topics

Turn editing on, using the editing button at the top of your course

(Clicking the editing button turns editing on/off)

Click the small pencil icon to the right of a topic’s name

Enter the new title

Press the Enter key on your keyboard to save your changes

Move items within or between sections - or move entire sections

Turn editing on

Click and hold the item’s (or section's) 4-way arrow

Drag the item and drop where you want it


Adding more sections

Turn editing on

Use the "+ Add topics" link in the bottom-right corner to add sections

More organization/formatting/deleting

Individual activity links can be hidden, indented, duplicated, or deleted using the Edit menu. With editing turned on, look to the right of any item and click “Edit” to see its drop-down menu.

Labels (added from Activity Chooser) can help visually organize the page

Keep going

Enrolling students (this part is really great - the students enroll themselves)