Text Editor

You and your students will encounter two different types of "boxes" where you can enter text.

A simple text-entry box, for titles, group names, quiz passwords, short-answer question responses, and other short entries:

And a rich-text editor. This editor appears wherever you have the ability to format text, add images/videos/audio files, record from your web cam/mic, add hyperlinks, embed files - and much more. There is even a built-in accessibility checker to help keep your content compliant and usable by low-vision and blind participants.

Editor Overview:

Text size/formatting (choose the first tool and use heading styles instead of text size and your content will be more accessible):


Link, unlink, an prevent auto-linking

Insert media. The last two let you record directly from your mic or webcam. Great for video posts in forums, recording a quiz question or lesson text for vision-impaired or ESL students - many possibilities.

Additional formatting - underline, strike-through, subscripts and superscripts.

Text alignment and indent

MathType and ChemType editors - including conversion of hand-drawn equations and formulae to proper mathematics and chemistry text.

More tools - Horizontal line, math/chemistry/computer science/matrix editors, special characters, tables, bootstrap grids, clear formatting, and emoticons.

Undo (possibly the greatest tool ever invented) and redo

Accessibility checker and screen reader helper

Full-screen and HTML editing options