Creating Quizzes

Quiz – Moodle has a very powerful quiz engine and many question types - along with a robust Question Bank structure to organize all of the questions you create so you can use them in multiple quizzes. Exploring the full range of the quiz capabilities and question bank management can be a little involved, but it is easy to get started with online quizzes with just a few steps.

Quiz Quick Start

To create a new quiz and write questions directly into it (instead of first adding them to your question bank):

Add a Quiz:

  • Turn editing on

  • Click in the section where you want the quiz to appear

  • Select Quiz in the Activity Chooser

  • Click Add

Fill out the Quiz Settings form:

  • Minimum requirement - give the quiz a name (this will become the link for the students to click)

  • There are many options for how the quiz can be delivered, but the default settings may be close to what you want and only require that you customize a few things. See below for description of the default quiz settings.

Save and Display (rather than simply Save)

Edit Quiz (button)

Add (under “Shuffle” at far right) > choose “+New Question”

Choose a question type and complete its settings (MC, T/C, short answer, gapfill, word select, and ordering are some of the self-grading questions that can be quick and easy to create).

Repeat until quiz is complete

Default settings for the Quiz activity

  • 100 point grade

  • Three attempts with highest grade recorded - All attempts are saved and viewable. The highest grade shows in the grade book)

  • No opening or closing dates or times - You may wish to set specific dates/times - or set a password)

  • No time limit - Moodle allows you to set a time limit and related settings, but the default is open-ended.

  • Answer choices are shuffled within questions for multiple choice and other "shuffle-able" questions

These default settings and more can be easily changed (check boxes and drop-down choices) when you are first settings up the quiz.

Moodle comes with many different questions types. And since it is an open-source program, we have added several more to our Engage site. Please see the Question Types page for a complete list and instructions for each.

Question Types - Over 20 types of questions available!