General steps

For all activities and resources

Adding course content - Most resources and activities can be added to your course using these four steps (some activities require steps beyond these four, but most things are ready as soon as you save the settings form):

Turn editing on (the green editing button at the top of the page)

Click “Add an activity or resource” - this button appears in each topic section when editing is turned on

Choose an activity or resource (from the Activity Chooser) - Most will show a short description/help panel, with a link to more help

Fill out a form - All resources and activities have a settings page (very form-like). Some activities have more options than others, with many of the less-used settings collapsed. Click "Expand all" to see all of possible settings. Be sure to click one of the Save buttons at the bottom.

These are the general steps for adding most types of activities and resources to your course. The settings page forms will vary, depending on the activity your select, but most have a similar structure.