Adding links

You can quickly add links to any available web page or Internet resource.

  • The same MCPSS filtering and blocking rules still apply while on a school network.

  • If you add a link to a resource that requires a login (the example below is a link to a Discovery Education video clip), students will need to be able to log in to that site or resource.

To add a link to another web page or online resource - go to your course and:

Turn editing on

Click Add an activity or resource in the section where you want the link to appear

Choose URL from the Activity Chooser

Complete the settings form by entering a name for the link and the URL.

Optional - Add a description.

Also optional - Check the Display description on course page box if you want your description to appear below the link on your course page.

Click Save and return to course and the link is ready for students to click

Turn editing off if your are finished adding content, otherwise, leave it on and keep adding activities and resources

Your new link appears as clickable text with an identifying hyperlink symbol