Adding Files

Short version - Turn editing on and then drag a file from your computer and drop it on your course page. Any file - docs, presentations, videos, etc.

Add Files using Drag and Drop

The quickest and easiest way to add a file is to simply turn editing on and then drag the file from your computer (Windows File Explorer, Apple Finder, or the computer's desktop) onto one of your course sections.

  • Turn editing on

  • You'll even see a brief reminder at the top of the page

  • Drag a file from your computer and drop it on your course page

Turn editing on:

This message appears briefly if your browser supports drag and drop (if it doesn't, skip to the next section):

Drag the file from your computer and drop it anywhere you see the "Add file(s) here" prompt:

Like this:

Add a File using the "Add an activity or resource" Link

  • Sign into Engage and go to your course.

  • Turn editing on

  • Click "Add an Activity or Resource" in the section where you would like the link to the file to appear

  • Choose "File" from the Activity Chooser

  • Click "Add"

  • Complete the "Adding a new file" form

  • Click "Save and return to course"

Images, Videos, and Zipped Folders

If the file is a picture or other media file, Moodle will prompt you for a decision - whether to display the picture on the course page or provide it as a downloadable file resource:

  • Display on the course page - the image will show on the page

  • File resource - A link is created which, when clicked, will download the file. Use this if, for example, you want the students to download an image file and edit it in Photoshop rather than just viewing the image.

You can drag entire folders of files if you zip/compress them first. This gives your students multiple files in a navigable folder.