Adding content pages

You can create your own web pages in your course.

  • A web page may open more easily than a Word document or a PDF on some devices.

  • Moodle's page editor makes it easy to ensure that your course content is accessible to screen reader technology.

  • A Moodle web page can include text, images, video, hyperlinks, special math symbols, and more.

To add a web page - go to your course and:

Turn editing on

Click Add an activity or resource in the section where you want the link to the new web page to appear

Choose Page from the Activity Chooser

Complete the Page Settings form

Add a name for the students to click

Add a description (optional) - check the box below the description if you want it to appear on you course page. If the title is descriptive enough, you may not need a description.

Anything you add to the Page content box becomes a web page when you save it.

The available editing tools let you add formatted text, hyperlinks, images, videos, and much more.

And there are some built-in features to make some tasks easier. Example - if you paste in the URL of a YouTube video, Moodle will automatically load a player and stream the video in the saved page.

Be sure to click Save and return to course

Click the new link in your course to see your new web page!