PDF Markup Grading

When you enter the assignment as a teacher, you’ll notice two buttons in the Grading Summary section, instead of the previous single view/grade all submissions link.

The Grade button here takes you directly to the grading page for the first student, but click View all submissions to go to the familiar list view - showing all students, their submissions, etc. From there, you can click a grade button for each student:

The Grade button to the right of a student’s name opens the grading page for that student – and this is where the biggest changes are. If the student submission is a .docx, .pptx, or .pdf file – or if the assignment submission type was “Online text” – the submission is converted into a separate .pdf file and displayed onscreen, along with markup and annotation tools (and places for grades, feedback, and rubrics – depending on the assignment’s settings):

Please note - If the this screen doesn't appear but instead the "spinner" keeps spinning, you may have to choose the student name from the drop-down in the top-right/

You can insert comments (and bank them for quick re-use), draw (great on a tablet), insert lines and shapes to draw attention, highlight, and place “stamps”:

The marked up PDF will be available for the student to view or download after you save it.

If the assignment you are grading doesn’t need this feature (or if you don’t want to use this PDF markup feature), you can use the view options in the bottom-right corner to hide it: