The Assignment activity can be a real workhorse in your online course, and can be used in many different ways. Briefly stated - it lets you communicate tasks and instructions, collect work, and provide students with grades and feedback.

Use it to take up any form of digital file - docs, spreadsheets, videos, audio files, images - any type of file. Students can submit work from their computers/devices, Office 365, or Google Drive. Or you can allow the students to just type directly into a text box in the assignment. The Assignment activity has a lot of available options - but this page is for getting started quickly.

The default settings for the Assignment activity may be close to what you want - so there may be little to no need to enable/disable any settings. If you simple add the activity, give it a name, and then save it you will have created a very robust activity (ready in about 30 seconds). The default settings include:

  • Automatic "dropbox" - a place for students to submit any sort of digital file

  • Up to 20 files can be submitted by each student

  • Open-ended dates - no open/close/due/cutoff dates (you may want to change this setting, but Moodle time- and date-stamps each student submission, so it may not be necessary. This also lets you treat the Assignment like a journal or notebook. Students can add to it over time and you can see their work and give feedback along the way).

  • 100 point grading system - automatically placed into course gradebook (in Moodle)

  • Space for individual feedback

  • More

To add an Assignment activity to your course (with all the default settings), go to your course and:

  • Turn editing on

  • Select Assignment from the Activity Chooser

  • Give the Assignment a name for the students to click.

  • Add instructions to the description box (optional - they may be already available elsewhere or the Assignment title may make the task clear).

  • Consider not checking the Show description box so your instructions won't take up space on your course home page. Students will always see the instructions when they click the link to the Assignment.

  • Click Save and return to course:

Your assignment is ready and students can start uploading work immediately.

When students click the link, they will see your instructions and be prompted to upload their work. They can revisit the Assignment as often as necessary to read the instructions before submitting their work.

(The assignment doesn't auto-grade like the Moodle Quiz can. You still have to grade it - see Grading Assignments)