Adding Content

Our Moodle platform has over 40 different learning activities and resource types that you can build for your students. This guide includes only a few of the fundamental ones that you can start using quickly and easily. More to come...

The general workflow to add content is pretty straight-forward - just 4 steps (usually).

Files - make any sort of file available for your students: documents, presentations, videos, etc.

Links - Easily provide clickable links to other web sites and resources

Content Pages - Build your own web pages. The icon-based editor lets you build anything from simple text pages to media and hypertext-rich web pages.

Assignments - An all-around useful activity that lets you give instructions, collect student work (all formats), assess performance, and give grades and meaningful feedback.

Quizzes - Creating Quizzes can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. Creating a self-grading objective test (M/C, T/F, Matching, Short Answer, Ordering, and several more question types) doesn't take much longer than it would take for you to type the test into a document or form. Moodle lets you create a question bank first and then select questions for your quiz, but these quick-start instructions let you create quiz quiz from start to finish.

We will be adding help for other resources soon. Moodle has great tools for collaboration and interaction.