Enroll in a course (do this once for each course you need to join)

  • Go to

  • Log in with your mcpss username and password (use just the username part of your email address - without the

  • Enter the code provided by your teacher in the Enrollment Code box

  • Click "Enroll"

This enrolls you into the course and puts you in the right block or period

Returning to a course

You can return to a course at any time - no need to enroll again:

  • Go to

  • Log in

  • Click "My Courses" a the top of the page (on a phone or other small screen, click the three dashes in the top left corner first)

  • Select your course to enter it

Working in a course

Files - Your teacher may have added documents or presentations for you to read. These will appear as clickable links. Depending on the type of file, you may be prompted to open or save it, or it may open automatically.

Pages - These are pages that your teacher created for the course. Just click the link to a page and it will open automatically.

Links to other resources - You course may include links to other web sites. Just click a link to open one of these resources.

Assignments - These activities will probably require you to turn something in and will depend on what your teacher requires. Click the link to open the Assignment. Read and follow any instructions to complete your work. If you are required to upload a file, follow these steps:

Quizzes - Your teacher may post some tests or quizzes for you to take. Just click the link to open the quiz and follow the prompts to begin.