MCPSS Moodle Help

Quick Start Resources and Ongoing Support for Using the MCPSS Engage Online Learning Platform

For teachers, this section has instructions for quickly getting started with online learning by creating a new course and using just a few of Moodle's Activities and Resources.

A growing collection of help as you add activities and resources to your courses, assign and assess work, and manage your students.

A growing collection of answers to questions about using Engage/Moodle with your students.

Like - Is it Engage or Moodle?

Also - Student/Parent FAQ

For students, we've included instructions for logging into the the site, enrolling into your teachers' courses, and participating in activities that they have included.

Common Tasks/How do I...?:

This site provides help and support. The MCPSS Engage Online Learning Platform is a separate site and requires MCPSS credentials (student or teacher) to log in.